The Camion/Enduraplas brine storage tanks are the strongest in the industry.

They are built in America and have features that are exclusive to only their tanks:

  • Anchor Point Lugs – Four built-in lifting and tie-down points at each corner make it easy to handle.
  • Ribbed Walls – The ribs act like belts around the tank keeping it in shape which reduces bulging.
  • Strong X Roof Design – The thick roof structure and molded-in truss-like supports eliminates collapsing.
  • Also an industry leading 10 Year Warranty!

All the above features as well as Corrode Proof tank material and Rust Armour fittings mean no rust and no corrosion! These tanks are the only ones we use and are well worth the investment.

Brine Tanks

These heavy-duty brine storage tanks are built to store liquid brine. Manufactured with corrosion-free material and available with stainless steel or plastic fittings. Each tank comes standard with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

Compatible liquids: Salt Brine, Calcium Chloride Brine, Premium Branded Liquids & more.

Diesel Fuel Boss®

These Diesel Fuel Boss® units are well known as the all-in-one unit. Each tank arrives assembled and ready to use. Equipped with a pump, hose and gun, this diesel unit is a perfect solution for a construction site. Comes with a built-in pump cover and auto shut-off nozzle that enables you to spend time on other tasks while refueling. The Diesel Fuel Boss® is available in multiple sizes.

Available in 55 gallon, 75 gallon and 100 gallon tanks

⚠️ Not to be used for gasoline – diesel only!

Transport Tanks

These transport tanks are widely considered the most secure transport tank in the market. With the Pin Mount™ advantage, these tanks are secured with double the number of fasteners than other tanks for similar use.