Sno-Way offers a wide range of snow removal equipment applicable for just about any need.

Commercial Snow Plows, Light Commercial Snow Plows, and Home Use Snow Plows. Sno-Way also has Tailgate Salt Spreaders and V-box Spreaders for controlling ice on parking lots, sidewalks and driveways.

Their Revolution™ Snow Plow series features patented fully controllable, independently moveable wings that take your Snow Plow from a full open plow to a box end plow in a matter of seconds. The Revolution Series plows consist of the Revolution™ HD Snow Plow, 29R Snow Plow, and 26R Snow Plow.

The patented Down Pressure hydraulic system provides an additional 250 pounds of down-force on the cutting edge with the push of a button. Once you have operated a plow with Down Pressure, you would not want to go back to operating a plow without it.

Whether it’s light use or commercial use, Sno-Way is sure to have a salt spreader that will suit your snow removal equipment needs.

The various spreaders are available in the following applications:

  • 4 – Cu. Ft. Tailgate Salt Spreader – Salting your own driveway – and perhaps a friend’s or neighbors driveway.
  • 6 & 9 – Cu. Ft. Tailgate Salt Spreaders – If you are spreading salt for a few accounts with driveways
  • Revolution V-Box spreader (available in 9 sizes) For use in parking lots, and true industrial applications.