What is Salt Brine?

Salt Brine is a solution of salt (typically sodium chloride). It has a freezing point lower than water itself and reduces the adhesion of snow and ice to road and sidewalk surfaces.

Benefits of Salt Brine versus Rock Salt:

Works Faster

Get the parking lot down to bare pavement much more quickly. It works 3-4 times faster than rock salt.

Better for the Environment

Studies show there are fewer chlorides put down with liquid brine which means less of those chlorides are getting into the storm water.


You can work to lower temperatures by spiking your brine with an additive, Headwaters Hot which will melt off parking lots in temperatures that rock salt doesn't work at all.

We make salt brine on-site, as we have our own brine maker and storage tanks. We sell salt brine by the gallon to contractors, boroughs and other facilities who use brine as part of their ice melt practices whether it’s used as a pre-treat or post-treat.