Headwaters Hot is a brine enhancer and when added to brine makes it 70% less corrosive than rock salt and can work in temperatures below zero. It is environmentally friendly, bio-based, colorless, odorless, free flowing and increases the melting capabilities of salt brine. Headwaters Hot allows you to apply the treated Brine at lower temperatures disrupting the bonding of snow and ice to the road which results in faster and better clean up.

It’s well known that rock salt washes into soil, lakes and streams, in some cases contaminating drinking water reservoirs and wells. It has killed or endangered wildlife in freshwater ecosystems, with high chloride levels toxic to fish, bugs and amphibians. Headwaters Hot offers the opportunity to reduce contamination to streams, lakes and ecosystems.

We sell our brine with the option of adding Headwaters Hot into the brine mixture. And because it is bio based, environmentally friendly, works in extreme cold and reduces corrosion by up to 70%, we encourage contractors, government agencies and municipalities use it in their brine.

To summarize, Headwaters Hot is:

  • Better for the Environment
  • Better for the Infrastructure
  • Better for your Equipment
  • Clear Roads QPL Listed
  • Made in America

Prior to an ice or snowstorm, we pre treat with our salt brine with Headwaters Hot. This will prevent a bond forming between the ground and snow/ice making for quicker clean up.

As you can see when we pre treat with liquid brine with Headwaters Hot, there is no bond and the ice peels off the pavement in sheets!

Seeing is believing! Once we have completed plowing the parking lot, we will do a post treat with liquid brine and Headwaters Hot because it will melt any residual snow or ice 3-4 times faster than rock salt. Making the parking lot safer more quickly than using rock salt alone.

The snow and ice is all melted so now customers, delivery trucks and employees can travel about the parking lot without risk of an accident. Also, since we used brine, there will not be any rock salt or calcium pellets tracked indoors by foot traffic.

Environmentally friendly

  • Bio-based and devoid of harmful contaminants
  • Biodegradable: extremely low Bio Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Reduces overall chlorides released to the environment

Clean and free-flowing

  • Colorless, Odorless, clean, natural and consistent
  • It won’t clog nozzles or cause messy tracking issues

Use up to 30% less brine*

  • Increased melting capacity means less brine required

Melt up to 57% more ice at 0°F*

  • Extend the working temperature range of brine

Reduce corrosion by 70%*

  • Protect your vehicles, equipment and infrastructure,
    without sacrificing melting performance

Longer lasting residual product

  • Decrease run-off and leave longer lasting residual product
    that sticks to the road, increasing friction, and reducing the
    need for re-application.

Clear Roads QPL Listed

  • Category A-3: Best in Class addition rate of 19%