S & S Snow & Ice Solutions

S & S Pools & Spas Inc. has established a new business division named S & S Snow & Ice Solutions located at 900 Union Street, Taylor PA. While S & S Pools & Spas Inc. has been selling snow removal equipment for over 10 years, and since the snow removal part of the business has been growing year over year, we decided to establish a division all to its own.

Sales & Installation of snowplows for trucks, machinery, & salt spreaders.

Liquid Brine Storage and Transport Tank Sales

Brine Maker & Brine Sprayer Sales

What our customers are saying...

Liquid Salt Brine by the Gallon

We also make Liquid Salt Brine and sell it by the gallon with the option of adding a bio based, environmentally friendly additive, Headwaters Hot. We have devoted hundreds of hours of research into what is the best recipe for success in maintaining the commercial parking lots and distribution centers that we serve. In 2021 we began using liquid brine as part of our ice melt practices. While learning to make and apply the brine was a learning curve and a bit out of our comfort zone, we improved through practice and now we don’t know how we got by without using brine! Our advice for any beginner is to start off with one brine sprayer and tank to get introduced into the application.

Seeing is believing!

We use all the brands of equipment we sell and we believe seeing is believing as this website contains the use of our own equipment utilizing Metal Pless plows, Snow Way plows, brine storage tanks and sprayers and liquid salt brine with Headwaters Hot.

Equipment Demonstrations & Educational Seminars

As a part of sharing what we have learned and researched about the snow equipment that we sell, we have an annual snow show where we invite local businesses, facility managers and snow contractors to our facility and give equipment demonstrations and provide educational seminars by our vendors who are subject matter experts in their field.